Four Blue Firefly members attended the Erasmus + project "No barriers, no borders", organized by Music Autism (Turkey) in the third largest Turkish city - Izmir from August 1 to August 8, 2021.

A total of 33 participants from 7 countries took part in the project, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Spain, and Turkey. The project was implemented in cooperation with Associatia Allons-Y (Romania), Foundation “solidarity works” (Bulgaria), “Blue Firefly” (Macedonia), “Las ninas del tul” (Spain), “Aim network” (Italy), ” Association of Kurybines ateities idejos ”(Lithuania).

The purpose of the training was for the participants to get acquainted with different methods and tools for non-formal learning for people with disabilities, raising awareness among people with disabilities and promoting their rights and inclusion.

The daily course program was based on learning objectives and was performed by experienced trainers. The training course promoted participants’ initiative and creativity and had a direct impact on their future youth work or youth policy activities, such as organizing quality projects and providing intercultural and informal learning experiences for young people.

During the training, there were various activities such as panel discussions, debates, drama scenarios, games, and presentations, through which participants could learn more about people with disabilities, as well as a study visit to the University of Democracy where prof. Orcu Berrakcay, held a concert with his students (people with autism and other disabilities).

During the training, the best practices for inclusion of people with disabilities were shared by the representatives of the seven countries and good foundations were laid for networking and future cooperation.

In the unofficial part of the project, intercultural nights were realized where the representatives from all countries had the opportunity to present the specifics, tradition, culture of their country, part of the folk dances and customs as well as characteristic culinary specialties and drinks.

The whole event passed in an extremely positive atmosphere with a lot of socializing and fun among the participants, while the hosts have a clean 10 points for the hospitality and the whole organization.

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