Successful organization of the training "Overcoming Challenges of ASD During Uncertain Times"

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In the period from April 26 to May 3, within the project "Overcoming Challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders During Uncertain Times" funded by the Erasmus + program KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers, the training was held.

Our guests, participants in the training, arrived from several destinations in Europe, from Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Serbia and Poland. We had the opportunity to work with parents of children with autism spectrum disorders, with partners of people on the spectrum, special education students, psychiatry students, mainstream school teachers, special educators and rehabilitators, all enthusiasts, members of organizations that work daily to improve the quality of life of people with autism spectrum disorders.

The training was interactive, we all learned from each other, we exchanged a lot of experiences and we have already made plans for future collaborations. This was a great opportunity to promote ourselves as an organization and to strengthen our cooperation with European countries and to share our knowledge in the field of behavioral challenges of people with autism spectrum disorders.

Also, within the project, we used every free moment to promote our country.

The weather forecast was great, and at the Shara mountain, in addition to educating ourselves, we had a joint multicultural picnic for May 1 Labor Day, celebrated 2 birthdays of our guests, visited our pearl Ohrid Lake and tried all our specialties. In the end, we said good bye with hugs, gifts and wishes to meet again.

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