The A Class Project on Conference in Ohrid

Blue Firefly

From 16 – 18 May the A class project was presented on the International Scientific Conference “75th Anniversary of the Institute of Pedagogy-Educational Challenges and Future Prospects in Ohrid, Macedonia by Doc. Dr. Jasmina Troshanska.

Participants were familiarized with “The opinion of the mainstreamschool teachers on the content of the autism training: the A-class project” through poster presentation. 

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A-class: Integrating and supporting students with autism in the mainstream classroom

Reference number: KA201-288AD5F1-EN Duration: 01.09.2020-28.02.2023


Positive Parenting (P+)

Parent training to address children's problematic behavior and teach them socially important skills. Reference number: KA204-0D1B6587-EN Duration: 01.11.2020-31.10.2022

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