The Mayor of Skopje with strong support for our new project

On April 11, 2022, we signed an agreement with the City of Skopje for the realization of the project "Development of skills for school preparation of children with autism.

The project is intended for intensive work according to the ABA method with a small group of children with autism who should start first grade next school year. The aim is to develop group work skills that are necessary for inclusion in the classroom where the child will belong.

During the work with the children, a special educator and a rehabilitator will be trained to work with this method and a detailed monitoring of the children’s progress will be performed.

In addition to this project, we had the opportunity to introduce the mayor with our current projects, especially with “Positive parenting (P +)” and “The A Class” which are in the second half of their implementation, within which teacher training and parent training will be held soon.

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A-class: Integrating and supporting students with autism in the mainstream classroom

Reference number: KA201-288AD5F1-EN Duration: 01.09.2020-28.02.2023


Positive Parenting (P+)

Parent training to address children's problematic behavior and teach them socially important skills. Reference number: KA204-0D1B6587-EN Duration: 01.11.2020-31.10.2022

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