Aval Asperger - was partner organisation of the project ”Growing Up on the Spectrum”

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Aval Asperger - was partner organisation of the project ”Growing Up on the Spectrum” which was designed to implement Mobility of youth workers KA1-Training Course in the frames of Erasmus + programme.

Under this mobility we have included 18 participants from 5 countries ( Poland, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Spain)  which were engaged in an experiential learning programme with the leading experts in Europe in the area of Autism during 8 days in Łódź, Poland from 09.12.2022 to 15.12.2022 plus two travel days.

The purpose of this project was share, adapt, test, evaluate, embed and disseminate a collaborative model of parent education, with  an ecologically valid curriculum and training materials, to support the provision of effective parent education for parents of disabled  children (in this case, children with autism), learning from what is currently taking place within North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and modeled upon existing practice within Poland.

The participants of this project were parents of children with autism, youth workers, teachers, educators.

Priority to participate had young parents of children with autism who has economic disadvantage like: low standard of living, low income,  dependence on the social welfare system, in long-term unemployment, precarious situations or poverty, in debt or with  financial problems.

After the project, participants learned  more about the topic of parenting and supporting children with autism,  better understanding of special needs and differences.

The participants have improved their skills, knowledge and expertise with regard to autism in general, and in particular with regard to providing parent training, which will be embedded within the NGOs.

They have also developed skills in partnership and cross-cultural working.

Ass.Prof. Jasmina Troshanska from Macedonia was trainer on this project.

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